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Yuba City School District
February, 2005

Yuba City Unified School District in Yuba City, California upgraded to a centralized 24-line Intouch Autodialer system to service schools within the district.
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Each of our Intouch Parent Notification products includes the Premier Database Integration package and the most complete set of K-12 specific features. Whether your needs include a complete ASP service, a district centralized communication system, site-based architecture or VoIP integration, Edulink can provide a powerful and easy-to-implement solution.

Choose which parent notification solution is right for your school or district.

Intouch Parent Notification Services

The Intouch Parent Notification Service is designed to reach thousands in minutes and requires no hardware or software. It is a fully featured complete ASP application that will allow for an unlimited number of calls for Absenteeism, Community Outreach or Emergency. It offers enough line capacity to reach your entire student/staff population in case of an emergency in minutes.

  • Most affordable solution for K-12

    Other companies charge anywhere between $3.60 - $5.00 per student per year for similar packages that lack our K-12 specific feature set and true database integration with your student accounting system. Our affordable list price is available without the need for advertisements in your notifications to help offset costs.

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  • Student Database Integration

    Rather then a basic upload utility for building a contact database or an absentee call list, we provide the Premier database integration package available to K-12. This database integration, which works seamlessly with your student accounting system, is built into our complete ASP service and provides the same calling options available in our original site-based systems.

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Intouch Autodialer

Intouch Autodialer is a proven notification solution installed in thousands of schools and district nationwide. Setup is easy. You simply use Database Integration to select your recipients, record your message and start your calls. Parents receive your message in their home language.

  • K-12 Industry-leading features:

     - Premier Database Integration

     - Email delivery options

     - Inbound information center

     - Delivery in multiple languages

     - Voice mail

     - Recorded responses
  • Centralized or site based; Windows and Web Interface
    Intouch Autodialer can be implemented in a district centralized architecture or at each school building. Regardless of architecture, each school will have a rich Windows interface as well as Web Portal accounts for an unlimited number of school and disrict staff.
  • VoIP Integration
    Intouch integrates with VoIP technology. Implement the Intouch Parent Notification System without the need for dedicated phone lines. VoIP integration allows you to send notifications using the phone lines available to your VoIP solution. Intouch integrates with your VoIP architecture using the industry standard SIP protocol. This ultra-scalable solution allows your existing centralized VoIP telephone system to deliver parent communication value to your district.

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