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Colleton County February, 2006
Colleton County in Walterboro, South Carolina purchased Intouch Autodialer with Emergency Notification Service to notify parents when their son or daughter is absent. The system also allows the district to reach all students rapidly in case of inclement weather or other disaster.
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Intouch Emergency Notification Service allows school and district administrators to affordably and efficiently deliver messages to the entire school community. Schools can launch critical and urgent messages in just minutes on the Internet or by telephone. Detailed call analysis reports are delivered automatically to confirm those that have received the message

Notification Delivery to Multiple Devices

Send messages to multiple devices and increase the chance that they will be delivered successfully. Alert students, parents or guardians by home phone, cell phone, email, pager or PDA.

Confirmation of Message Delivery

Parents confirm delivery using response options that you choose. Easily print and view detailed call analysis reports to confirm a successfully delivered notification.

Designed Exclusively for K-12

Intouch Emergency Notification Service includes student management system integration developed by individuals with over 50 years of K-12 development experience. When combined with the same technology available to public safety, city, county and federal organizations, you have the most powerful solution available to schools.

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