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Beaufort High School
August, 2005

Beaufort High School in Beaufort, South Carolina implements a complete school Communication solution by Edulink Systems. The system provides 24/7 web and telephone access for parents. Parnets and studnets alike now access attendnace, grades, homework and more.
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Intouch IVR offers parents quick and easy access to their student's information from any telephone. It's easy. With an ID and PIN, parents can listen to attendance, homework, grades, progress, discipline and more 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The most feature-rich IVR system for k-12 is available in site based and district-centralized configurations. Additionally, Intouch IVR complements any parent portal or auto-dialer solution your school or district has in place.

Principals, technology professionals, staff and parents will appreciate the ease of use and the feature set that has made Intouch IVR the first successful "Turnkey" IVR system for schools.

Turnkey Setup and Configuration

No programming or database expertise is required to begin using Intouch IVR. Classes, courses, teachers, codes and everything else Intouch IVR needs is automatically created using high quality text-to-speech.

Provide Information in English, Spanish and other languages

Intouch IVR provides the option for parents to listen to information in English and Spanish. Plus, the system can also be enhanced to include information in an unlimited number of languages used in your school community.

Absentee, Tardy and Discipline Alerts

Enable alerts to deliver student-specific information to your parents. Once logged in, parents will hear information about their student, before entering an easy-to-navigate menu system.

Click here to listen to a sample of an Absentee alert.

Advanced Text-to-Speech

Information from your Student Management System is automatically digitized with our Advanced text-to-Speech engines.

Click here to hear a sample of a parent's user experience.

Provide information for your entire parent community

Intouch IVR allows you to share

 - Attendance

 - Grades

 - Discipline

 - Homework

 - Fees

 - Other school information

Learn more about adding Intouch IVR to your Parental Involvement Plan.

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